Top Football Advisor is founded by an ex-professional football player from the late 70’s and after retiring from playing soccer, he started becoming a professional football punter. It all started with getting connected with football syndicates providing the insiders football tips. As it’s getting more interesting winning, he started analysis games and it has been for the last 20 years. Throughout the journey he gets to meet a lot of football fanatics (where some are expert football analyst), closed forum with professional tipsters, he found great success on making profits from football betting in long run. There is always down form where sometimes they lose but most of the time winning.
That’s how Top Football Advisor is established. We have been constantly working with number of professional football tipsters and decided to build a community where we can share our good forms together. If you are looking for a source where you can make consistent profits from football betting, you are definitely in the right place.
The most important rule in football betting, you will need to have a proper betting bank management. There is no 100% sure win football predictions in this world aside from insider football tips. Here you can get at least a minimum of 75% accurate football predictions where you can rely on betting.
If you are seeking advice on how to make profits start with us today. You may always email us and ask for guidance.
Let’s turn our passion into money with football betting.


  • 2x Replacement Tips if purchased tips are lost and 1x Replacement Tips if it’s a draw/postponed game.
  • Minimum 75% accuracy football predictions
  • The football tipster’s in the network have deep knowledge and experience in football betting.
  • All football predictions are sent directly to your email. (Daily 6am UK Time GMT+0)


You can reach us directly at [email protected]. please add/whitelist us into your email contacts to avoid dropping into he spam/junk folder.