In the financial markets, this concept is known as correlated commodities and is used to refer to the situation where the prices of similar assets or industries change in lock-step, after some time of observation. This concept is also known as value betting.

Value betting occurs when the price of the odds you have accepted are better than the odds you hold against the opposing team and your profit comes from the fact that you are laying a better price from early bets.

This is a related concept to keeping an overall book of bets small and therefore reducing the risk of losing bets. (There are many strategies which combine aspects of this and other concepts)

Example of value betting strategies :
  • Based on the Odds
  • Based on the Stats and Analysis of the Match

In sporting markets, the overround generally builds up over time, although there are obviously few opportunities which are overly leveraged, the markets are nonetheless being tried. Value betting occurs when the prices are initially offered are too high, in an effort to attract bets to level the odds. However if the prices drop below par, a lot of risk is brought into the equation.

Looking at the actual bet rates would show that a wager on a stronger team alone would have generated a higher return on investment but also with higher risk if you are only following the odds.

Getting advise from tipsters can easily overcome these risks . Making the right choices with football predictions highly affect the value of bets to make the most profit out of it.

If you want to bet on favorites, just remember that you are going to win less which adjusting bet size also plays a factor. Therefore, look at the most probable outcome from each game, study the match and odds.

The best bet is to follow the football tips given and make the most profitable bets. After all many people are sceptical on this issue but if you put the trust on us, you will definitely have an edge.


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