Here I am going to share to you the method that professional football experts have used in betting.

How to Bet with Top Football Tipsters

This method is not the most scientific or the fastest, In fact the method is very simple and down to earth, all you need is basically to be familiar with how to bet on the games, and you will be on your way to making some excellent money.

Before we get into the mechanics of how to pick the proper tipster, we need to establish why we are betting. I usually suggest to my clients that are interested with betting with professional football tips that I should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Why do I choose to bet on football?
  • What are my expectations from the betting?
  • What are the potential weaknesses of this team or this player?
  • How passionate are the management and staff of the professional football club or player?

Now we can proceed on to the actual picking process. Please be aware that the professional football tipster was paid for the service, free tips is not reliable. When the picks are confirmed, this is when the professional tipster will send us the information. How do we know that the professional tipster is knowledgeable? Well by my own personal and professional observations here are what I believe to be the necessary keys:

  1. The professional tipster has been in the scene for some time with good track records
  2. The tipster has strong knowledge of the professional football game, team and players
  3. The tipster has strong knowledge of football betting and market odds

Of course, the tipster should be providing you with a money-back guarantee if he missed his most confident pick. Remember to proceed with a betting strategy and a goal in mind. For the record, I don’t ever recommend someone betting less than $50 or $100.

You need to learn to bet more than the football tipster service you buy if you want to make money consistently.

You should also make sure that the professional tipster you chose to follow is on a winning record and giving good advice on what picks he selected. Don’t ever go against the expert picks, even if it’s your favorite team.


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