Value Betting in Football

In the financial markets, this concept is known as correlated commodities and is used to refer to the situation where the prices of similar assets or industries change in lock-step, after some time of observation. This concept is also known as value betting.

Value betting occurs when the price of the odds you have accepted are better than the odds you hold against the opposing team and your profit comes from the fact that you are laying a better price from early bets.

This is a related concept to keeping an overall book of bets small and therefore reducing the risk of losing bets. (There are many strategies which combine aspects of this and other concepts)

Example of value betting strategies :
  • Based on the Odds
  • Based on the Stats and Analysis of the Match

In sporting markets, the overround generally builds up over time, although there are obviously few opportunities which are overly leveraged, the markets are nonetheless being tried. Value betting occurs when the prices are initially offered are too high, in an effort to attract bets to level the odds. However if the prices drop below par, a lot of risk is brought into the equation.

Looking at the actual bet rates would show that a wager on a stronger team alone would have generated a higher return on investment but also with higher risk if you are only following the odds.

Getting advise from tipsters can easily overcome these risks . Making the right choices with football predictions highly affect the value of bets to make the most profit out of it.

If you want to bet on favorites, just remember that you are going to win less which adjusting bet size also plays a factor. Therefore, look at the most probable outcome from each game, study the match and odds.

The best bet is to follow the football tips given and make the most profitable bets. After all many people are sceptical on this issue but if you put the trust on us, you will definitely have an edge.

Handicap Betting – How to Make the Most of It (2022)

Handicap Betting - How to Make the Most of It (2022)

Assuming that most football bet will turn out in the favor of a smart bettor, what then constitutes profitable bets? This is a tough question to answer often because people have their opinions on how wagering should be done and they have strong arguments for and against various situations. Being flexible means knowing which match to wager on is the key.

Let’s consider one main difference between a casual gambler and having a football advisor. An advisor will prepare the bets more efficiently and logically as a professional, using statistics, trends, and situational handicapping in making decisions. Conversely, a casual gambler will only check the odds givens from bookmakers that has been set either a team is stronger or weaker . Therefore, he will adjust the bet to equalize profit as possible base on odds and finally, to predict a win or a loss.

This is a simplified explanation of the concept. The handicap and odds analysis itself is an art that must be learned in the process of research and also before and after amount of football matches take place. The best football experts available master their predictions in their field because they understand what is the proper adjustments to be made and what the proper time adjustments should be made for each one of the many scenarios that could possibly come about.

Always keep an open mind and attempt to get better each time you start betting. Learn as much as possible about the match. Betting is a process of learning. Do your homework, know your goal and learn it well!

These days there are a lot of resources available to help you learn how to handicap better. It’s all about getting better picks, making more consistent picks, getting better odds, are just several ways of just making sure its profitable. There are a variety of wagering and the various technique of making football picks is going to be vastly different from the way you handicap in another sports game. Getting advice from experts like us to learn both how football handicap and fixed odds betting works are highly recommended.

We will guide you on how to make profit in the run and make sure you hit your goal to succeed. Are you ready ?

Investing into Football Betting with Top Football Advisor

Many bettors and sports investors fail to keep a tight leash on their betting funds and become too greedy or reckless. While some may suffer from such greedy behavior, it is unfortunately common

Investing into Football Betting with Top Football Advisor

The philosophy of our tipsters is to be patient and disciplined to find the right opportunity to cash in. Since the timing of every bet is not guaranteed, we do our reserach very early picking the right match for our customers .This is a business that is all about self-discipline and self-control.

This business, like any other, is also about being consistent and proven net profits. Knowing when to bet and when not to is a talent that some do not have but it can be acquired.

This investment philosophy can be summed up in a number of simple steps

Applying our betting formula will increase your confidence in this system. You will be more comfortable with the use of the system and you will feel more comfortable while placing your bets.

This is not to teach you how to spot a winner but will instill into your mind the philosophy of variance and the business of sports investing, so that you will make fewer but more confident bets.

A good sports investing system is important to your success as a bettor

Many bettors lose money because they bet too many games, under the influence of their emotions, or in bad betting mood.

To win bets consistently, you must bet objectively and you must be betting with bias on your brain; not the books. Learn to bet in your favor.

This can be accomplished by employing a desired bankroll, or money management system. Profits can be proven by stating that successful sports bettors are the ones that bet for a positive expected value, instead of making too much bets.

Learning to be a stronger bettor is one of the most important aspects of attaining a winning mindset. If you want to win, you must first master your emotions and then trust the services that we provide.

Jumping into a bet without fully understanding the risk vs. reward levels and the need for patience is a recipe for disaster. Structure your betting to find the best betting odds is absolutely vital to your success, as this can you maximize your profits.

How to Make a Living From Betting

How to Make a Living From Betting Football

The biggest betting spenders are those punters who live and breathe betting. When you are betting on football blindly, you will lose a lot more than making profit whatever the outcome of the match.

Before you start placing bets, you must first start to obtain a working database of the teams and matches. Take your time analyzing upcoming matches for the right bet.

Taking sports betting into a serious level

The various types of betting being offered actually make up two categories, one for the serious punters who want to make a living from betting, and the other for the pretty much novice punters who simply want to have a wager and see how well they can do.

In a nutshell, there are basically two different types, those who want to make a regular income from betting, and those wanting to make a bit of a bonus from the match. 

For the serious betters, there are systems in place which try to make selections specifically for a purpose. These are exclusive betting systems which we provide our services here and are expected to make statement regarding the possibilities of deriving daily income from betting.

There is a lot of studying, hard work and patience in producing a profitable football selections.

In the category of those wishing just to make a bonus from the betting world, there is a comparatively simpler process involved. One must only be interested in some favorable matches and must avoid betting whenever possible.

We are one of the best sites in this field that provides accurate football predictions

In addition that we educate the users in betting strategies, telling them about the odds trends, the latest betting tips and recommendations, statistical analysis, and in-depth analysis, through the guides on top quality betting advice.

Statistics don’t only help in predicting the outcome of individual football matches. They have a disproportionately great impact in forecasting the result of  a large number of matches . This is especially true in lower league match games.

Bigger odds are often the result of bigger risks. So if you bet on a bigger odd, you would be wise to adjust your stake to increase your profit.

Just the same as with horse racing, it is not essential that the lower odds team will probably win. The statistics show that through a season, even if the favorite wins more often than not, it still will bring down the odds on that selection.  This is risk taking.

Now, with so many of the useful statistics and data available to you, you can analyze and test the various ideas that you think you may have about football betting.

Live Betting or Soccer Predictions?


Live Betting or Predictions

There is more to scoring a goal in football than simply hitting the goal post. However, this is really the only way by which you can score a goal and it’s a method that we as humans have always used to get things over when we have some stake on something.

What about a penalty shoot out? Well even though the shooter may be the one who actually scores the penalty, the real beauty of this particular method of scoring a goal lies in the fact that you are allowed to bet on player to score a goal.

Now with all the live football match will be graphically displayed on the screen for you including stats for total corners, yellow or red cards, and even the first team to score. The statistics play a important factor on the result of the match.

What does it involve?

The live betting method offer a doubling bet is by working out what the odds are in each betting scenario and then placing the second bet on a different odds during the live result.

These kind of bets is very risky and we actually dont recommend this method at all.

Finding a trusted football advisor to guide you on bets is always the right way but be sure that you are interested in the games, betting, and making profit just so to avoid getting carried away with emotionally or personally related betting situations.

Do not bet if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or stressful situations, as this can also lead to unexpected problems. Betting while feeling emotionally involved or excited increases the risk of losing or losing quickly.

It is also likely to be the case that betting on a team that is your favorite will cause you to be unwilling to consider other options, or to take a pragmatic approach to the betting. If you happen to like a certain team or player, it is likely that you will not be interested in betting on their opponent, so be patient.

The key for us football advisors is to ensure that the outcomes of the games you are betting on are predictable. Therefore, the more you can chore chart the more likely you are to have a good outcome for the double of your money , we have a team of professional tipsters that definitely be able to help you.

How to Analyse Football Teams

Most punters who bet on football wish they could offer an alternative to picking their favourite team, or perhaps at least backing their favourite team to win the match at half the odds placed on the competitors.

Whilst there are several bookmakers would have slightly better odds offering for the alternative, a lot of them are cannot guarantee the success of backing an underdog. This means that most punters are left with the dilemma of either having to pick their favourite team to win, or bet on the least favourite team.

This means that they have to find another way to pick a winning team, or bet on something that will give them a better chance of winning.

How to Analyse Football Teams

Expect the unexpected

One of the most obvious methods to win on underdogs is to compare football teams. By researching the form of all the teams in the league, it is possible to check out how good each team is playing and access where their strengths lie. For example, a good team may be at the bottom of the league at the start, which may be giving them a run for their money. The odds may not be in their favour, but it is possible to back them for a win, they might perform better than expected.

The odds given by bookmakers will not be a true measure of the outcome of the match, because opponents can be influenced. Even if they are only giving you good odds on a win, a lot of people are swayed by an opponent’s success. Injuries to key players, suspensions and loss of goalscoring form can cause a team to have a bad match.

Most football players that have little injuries will not list on their latest match report, but the injury to a key player is often reported. This makes it very easy to cherry pick an outcome from an event where a player is likely to not perform well.

News , media and statistics

Daily sport news is also a source of betting opportunities. Serious injuries to players in the middle of a season, such as those involving injuries to key players or captain, will result in large ranges of odds being offered on both teams. It’s highly likely that odds will be different from the usual, which may find you are offered higher odds or the other.

This makes betting against your favourite team lucrative, as the odds are still highly against your team even if they haven’t been in a good form. Most big transfers will also have a big impact on upcoming matchups. So you really should follow the season and select your bets based on the stats of the team.

All this statistics are available on the internet and can be accessed within seconds but there are so many different matches and leagues everyday. This is where our professional tipsters comes to light, analysing every potential match on different leagues to find the most accurate football predictions.

Can Tips On Betting Football Make Profit?


Can Tips On Betting Football Make ProfitThere are two main types of bettors you will come across in the betting world. The first type is made up of short-term betting with extremely short odds. The majority of these type of bets are settled at the opening odds well before the start of the match. If you check with the bookies and ask them about the odds they generally will just give you a guided price. The betting market as a whole works well as an equal reward / penal system.

The second type of punter is an investor. He or she is willing to take bigger risks on bigger amounts to earn bigger returns and yet be able to take out a bigger financial loss when the inevitable happens. Alike the whole concept of backing and laying a selection to gain a profit is not new. The difference is that the investor is prepared to keep executing bets rather than take a loss at optimistic price.

Our Advice

Definitely being bookmakers are the best as they can control their market like no other person or entity and, of course because of this they charge the punter accordingly with premium prices, cheaper odds and some bonuses to their odds to keep their turnover as profitable as possible.

This secret betting formula will makes life very easy for the you, we will offer tips and predictions on every night of the week and with a team of tipsters analysing all day long. It is difficult to create a solid reliable service for others if its just a single match responsible for so many things including betting volume, match stats etc. Insurers repaying with bonus tips can easily account for this factor.

On the other hand our formula offer much more flexibility to betters by offering matches that is open up on a 24h basis. This also allows a bettor to skip a bet on one day and then bet on another if needed.

In a simplistic operation, without making any cranky changes, the betting exhange method would take the same amount of money as the traditional high street bookmaker and give it to the punter on the exchange at a far higher profit, obviously no matter who wins. Preferring to get advise from professional tipsters can make life easier for this exchange and increase profit, by providing this to a proper academic gain as it is worth while for the bettor. This is where our service shine.

The reason I recommended trusting us with our betting predictions is mainly that there is no extra charges for your profits, that is the whole point of using them. Anyone can start a bet in seconds but to make profit is another story .

So can this betting formula really make punting easier? Well yes they can, with the right team and advice . It’s a big profit in a long run , feel free to drop a message for more info