Football Betting – Tips & Secrets

Here are the basics you need to know to start betting on your football match:

Football Betting - The Basics

  1. If one was to select a particular match at any point during the season, that match would be to picked with sufficient knowledge. There is never a perfect time for betting on a match, as the best time will be pick based on information and tips you acquired
  2. The favorite is usually the home team. (This can vary depending on where the game is being played) The next favorite is the underdog team which has been having a winning streak or running on good form
  3. The total number of goals scored in a single match. The lowest number of goals in a single match is zero. The odds for total over/under goal usually starts at 2.5 (This does not include goals that have been scored in extra time and penalties)
  4. Football news and analysis website provides good information before you pick your bet. Some other site focuses especially on club matches, minor league and international competitions is a great feature on identifying the best bets to make
  5. Very important for beginners to get football tips and predictions here, which we also have guides for you to follow
  6. Having a betting strategy is crucial for starters to take football betting seriously
Everyone starts somewhere, even like us who love football and watch live matches for the excitement. How can you say NO when there is a way to be successful in football betting, right ?

BONUS TIP: Sticking to one expert will benefit in the long run, especially when running a betting system. One or two fails is very common, but if you continue on a working strategy, you will succeed.

Top 4 Key Factor on Football Predictions

Top 4  Key Factor on Football Predictions

  1 . Analyzing the Strategies of the Opponent

Learning about soccer predictions are always from both practicing and theory. Some info gathering on how of a team’s play and if there are any limitations to their strategies, whether it rely on more physical or mentally tired players. Injuries to key players, fatigue of the key players, and a host of other factors can all have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. Try to always find a balance between the two, so that the prediction can still come with a widely acceptable outcome.

Of course, there are other key factors on researching. One of the most important factors to consider is momentum, and whether a team is playing at home or away. Some teams are much better at home games than the other, due to the comfort of the home crowd.

Analyzing the form of a team, especially during the start of a season, is a simple way to see if they are equal to an opponent

 2 . Streaks

If there’s a winning streak going on a team, better watch out for it. This might be a good chance to follow the team when it’s on a 3 win streak or more. The team is on a good form and will likely to continue for more wins.

    3 . Statistics

The statistics prove that punters who study the match, and specifically the statistics of the players, can have a good vision of how the game is going to play out. Always value opinions from the experts, all you need to win is a reliable tipster and a decent amount of knowledge.

    4 . The News

Now with the massive amount of information available on the web, you can’t ignore any piece of news. It’s all highly valuable to your picks.Any player can have a bad day, it is for the fans to care more for their favorite player and be critical of their play, rather than the other way around.

If you are not sure of a game, watch it and then make notes. All information can be used to make logical decisions for future bets

There’s too many games every day, you don’t need to bet all of it. Select carefully and make the right picks to succeed.

Important Football Betting Tips You Must Know

Football betting tips will often be very important when making your bets, whether you are betting on the underdog or the favorites

Important Football Betting Tips You Must Know

The most common football betting tips are: home win, away win or draw. These are the three necessary conditions to analyze any football games and ensure that you have a profitable bet.

More games, more opportunities

As the soccer season lasts longer, there are many opportunities to make money betting on football, starting at the beginning until the season ends. With the right football betting tips, you really can begin to specialize and focus more on certain matches and leagues, and the timing of these bets can sometimes become more lucrative and easily noticeable.

English Premier League has a heavy weight on most betting exchanges as it does, as a result there are often better odds at different bookmakers. Big leagues should always be avoided except for recreational betting.

Look for free guides and betting tips. These can be found all over the internet and are a great way to learn about the season before you start betting with real money. Once you know enough about the teams and the leagues, you can get a better grasp of your betting and achieve greater confidence.

Football predictions and tips
  • Firstly, keep in mind that football is a high-odds game. This is factored into every match outcome, whether it will be a goal, a booking, a yellow card, or a red card is unpredictable and not to be taken lightly.
  • Nevertheless, there are certain types of football bets that offer you the greatest chance and likelihood of winning, before the season starts. These are known as outright bets, because they may offer you solid returns when a team is actually favored to win. However, the odds of such bets are also highly volatile, which means they are also highly unpredictable.
  • Therefore, such football bets should really only be taken in very late positions during the season, when the value of teams and players are at their largest. At this time, it would also be a good idea to also look at injury reports to see if any star players will be missing from their teams for obvious reasons.
  • Take into account the history of the teams and players, especially the past ten years or so. This is a very strong indicator of how a team will perform in the season, and it often leads to disaster if you’re not vigilant. For instance, teams who have not won a title for ten years consecutively are considered bottom-feeders, try to make use of this information.
  • You should also take into account the area of play. A team’s performance in home matches will often be greatly influenced by the home fans, and likewise, away-team matches are often influenced by the home grounds.
  • One of the most important factors to take into account is current form. Current form is defined as the five consecutive games a team has played. It is important to qualify this by including earlier games, so a team in form might be more inclined to keep scoring goals.

Bet of the Day : Newtown AFC vs Bala Town FC

“Today’s pick will be heavily one-sided as the outcome is easily forecasted” – Henry Blackwood on today’s Bet of the Day


The Cymru Premier is one of the most exciting league to watch as it has been seen pretty underrated. Most of the teams is very well rounded in player skills and strategies.

Newtown AFC been having a rocky start of the season with their players being over aggressive in games, landing them 2 red cards in Latham Park in the past month. The previous few games proved how good they are with strong scoring skills from the players.

On the other side, Bala Town has been in a good form from both home and away grounds, and also showed a good balanced in attacks and defense. Their boss Colin Caton said, “despite the odds stacked against his side, his team will give a good account of themselves”. The Lakesiders boss has been in charge at Maes Tegid since the year 2003

Having in hand with top insider football tips and news, today’s prediction will heavily focus on Total Goals.
  • Be sure to get the tips here before kick-off


Best Way to Approach Football Betting

Analyzing the statistics, home advantages, away advantages, the team sheet, injury lists, previous matches, goal probabilities, etc. is a systematic way to approach soccer betting, making you a smarter punter

Best Way to Approach Football Betting

Where to start ?

Whether it is the English Premiership football betting, working on an in-play strategy for the European Cup, or just starting out with a basic League One bet, our betting guide here can teach you all of this and more. All the content is delivered to you in our blogs, a smart read in the betting tips & guide can actually save your time from looking at other options.

Raising the bar on the competition for bigger profit is the target of everyone’s heart, but unless you have first placed your bet, then you should be really know what you are doing. By learning the methods used in the industry, our team of professional tipsters will teach you how to avoid the mistakes and a lot more, so you won’t be betting in the dark.

The advice & guide we provide here will be credited with uncovering many successful indicators and strategies for betting, following the experts is the easiest way for your first step

Sports Betting is a game of skill, not a game of luck. Football Betting is a way to balance the odds of winning and losing, and by skilled betting methods, the advantage can be extra than what you have with the odds.

Specialization is the key to success in the sports betting industry. Following the best in the field is about the best thing you can do. The only thing is to find the best tipster here and follow him to guide you to your success.

Analyze the Game Before Placing Bets

Understanding the game from a betting point of view is very crucial to a successful football bet

Analyse the Game Before Placing Bets

Several things need to be studied, even the referees go through a rigorous training before the day of the match. The calls are sure to be controversial to say the least, which is why pros interested in making every play and decision could be very patient. Analyzing the game and referees behavior prior to a match is also crucial to having an authored bet. Of course, overall there is no right or wrong thing to do.

Some sorts of information known as the ‘football facts’ could be very useful for a bettor to analyze patterns of the actual gameplay and formations

There is much demand on each team’s playmaker or superstars, and this has driven the value of transmissions leading up to the line. The more interest there is on a particular player, the more gear and knowledge there is to be gained. Players that draw the most attention are those that are getting the most action. Therefore, these passionate players could put a lot of effort in to making their personal contributions to make an important play and score goals.

Even the team coaches are very much inclined to make changes to a player’s play and position in the case of an injury or unforeseen challenges. The most confident team players will be subject to play with confidence issues and see how they respond. Sometimes the most physical and heated rivals can contact referees for a ruling that may be a complete joke. Strict referees could easily change a game to play out a lot different as usual.

Considering all the things that are out there may take some time to point out the important factors, these tips are heave analyze by professionals to get their most accurate football predictions.

Bet of the Day : Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC VS Oakland Roots

Bet of the Day : Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC VS Oakland Roots

The feature bet of the day takes place on Saturday evening on the USL championship where it’s the final home game for Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC to welcome Oakland Roots to Weidner Field. Steven Davies has full confidence on today’s game.

Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC have been showing good home results the whole season with their defensive strategy which puts a lot of pressure on every opponent they faced.

On the other hand, Oakland Roots has been on the middle pack with on and off games. The previous 2 matches were a pretty decent show from them, which could pick up the momentum and bring it into today’s game.

Today, Oakland Roots face a side that has been solid on their home ground, who give little away. Be aware the Asian handicap odds plays an important factor in this match . For more analysis on today’s bet of the dayand his pick, support the professional tipster below :

Top 7 Football Betting Mistakes

If you are considering any of the football tipsters service, some of them might charge a steep amount of money or some might be free. Free tips are always a red flag if you are overly keen about planning your money

Top 7 Football Betting Mistakes

With a lot of rules, regulations and etiquette on the professional betting services these days, it has become increasingly difficult for the novice punters to make correct choices. Their excitement and eagerness to take a chance on winning soon wears out after one decision to turn a profit. Common mistakes made by the bettors can lead to easy losses

Here are 9 Common Mistakes

  1. These free services frequently offer odds and pay out that are far above average, this is because most punters secretly feel that the odds given are far above anything probable. Based on the desire to make a quick buck, they adopt this misconception and end up losing their hard-earned cash
  2. Most of the tips prefer to bet on games which are viewed as low-risk bets. There has been instances where a punter believes that there are fewer ways for this game in which they will end up losing a lot of money. Uninformed punters end up betting on favorites, as opposed to more probable outcomes. This investment actually can be used for the next rounds of bets
  3. Some of these services place overly aggressive goals for their customers to reach before they launch their bets. They lengthen the betting odds, as opposed to inflating them to smaller values. This is mainly because too much money is bet on a single game, leading to losses
  4. All together, craving for betting amounts lead to innumerable losers. Their greed is a major reason why more than 90% of them go through losing. People inside this industry seldom focus about how to gain more profits or to make more profits after a win. They are too focused on how to get out of their current financial predicament, forgetting about the bigger picture
  5. The reason why the casual punters cash in thinking that reckless betting and getting lucky is an easy way out. Framed as a quick and profitable way, it eventually turns a huge loss in a short period. This is also the reason why most bettors would bet on leagues with lower odds. This has lead to a lot of wrong betting that lead to a disaster loss
  6. Free football tips love to pick away games, which consider better odds most of the time with no analysis and statistics to back it up, this is a sure fast way to lose your bet
  7. Football forecasts plays a big role for experts to make their choices, they say that games are influenced by weather and fixtures, yes it’s true

Getting professional advice on football betting is mandatory, or you can choose to bet on the strongest side in every game which can easily lead to huge losses like all the casual gamblers

Do the Right Steps with Football Predictions

You can make a good profit out of betting football, if you know what you are doing

Do the Right Steps with Football Predictions

While the overall quantity of valuable tips are going to be considerably less, the quality of the tips are going to be much higher. In the long run, this is a recipe for winning.

Starting Fresh
  • When you are trying to learn the game, you are going to have to start by making some bets on the better teams
  • If you are deciding to bet for the first time, you should look deeper into the players than the team. Know the players; know the team; know the coaches. This way, you will have a much better idea on how to pick the next team
  • There are many sources where you can find this information; simply get onto the web and check out some football websites. By doing this, you will be able to get a good idea as to what everyone is talking about
  • Make sure to check out the blogs too, they often post great tips, and it is a lot of information ones can take away from them

You should always consider to also look into the alternatives. Make your own picks, with the help handed down by the experts. It is going to be much more rewarding and fulfilling if you choose the right picks by using the tips that the experts are giving you. You are looking to win, don’t waste your time retrying the same method from the past. That’s where the professional tipsters come in; they can provide the best predictions and analysis to lead you into a winning streak.

When picking your tipsters, make sure to pick the experts that has been in the field for some time. You are looking to win, you don’t want to put your selection in the hands of a young, inexperienced tipsters that giving are out free football tips. Now you have the chance to pick a veteran tipster, make sure to do so. These guys know the game on a different level than the average people in the scene. That’s their job and why they are so good at it.

It’s important to talk to as many people as possible to get as many opinions as possible. There are a bunch of similar sites, but not all are trustworthy, so it’s important to talk to others that will add to your knowledge and understanding of the system. We have live chat available for interesting exchanges of ideas and suggestions. By trying our services, you will pick up all kinds of hints and little tips and advices.

After picking your games, watch the excitement unfolds as you are taking your first step into making profit from football betting. Start your journey now and it’s never too late.

Top Tips from Football Betting Experts

Most Important Tips on Betting FootballYou can make money, but if you let your emotions dictate your betting, you won’t be around for long

In sports betting, you should analyze more than just the team on which you are going to bet. You should bet with an eye to the end result of the game. This is the only way to win in the long term.

Betting on football should be approached with the right attitude. Those punters who always bet on the favorites, are betting with their emotions, and it is not worth your time and money. Do not choose your favorite team unless you are willing to bet in the most difficult odds.

In the long run, if you are not serious, you won’t win either in football betting or in any betting. There is no room for your emotions in this business. Both winners and losers should be managed with the right attitude. Make your fortune in the most consistent way possible.

Top Tips from Football Betting Experts

The proven system available here today lives up to its name. It is the most excellent way to manage your bets with the top players in the field by taking full advantage of it by observing the tips and odds. However, if you understand the key players and their role in the team’s performance, you will have a better perspective on the game.

You can also read the results and reviews of all the teams and players on the web. It takes only a few minutes to assess the teams and players and make your predictions. Now with top football advisor available to you, You’ll always be one step ahead of the curve.

The overall objective of purchasing these tips is to eliminate the house edge of the sportsbook so that you can bring your betting picks back in line with the realistic standards expected of an intelligent player. If you subscribe to this concept, you will have a significant edge over those who do not.

The materials that are available here are all intended to give the most serious and intensive football betting tips at the greatest level of support and information available than other similar services.

It should be made clear that you are strongly advised to start slow and build your way to the top

This process requires patience and careful assessment of our experts and you. Once you have done this, you will have a clear understanding of your choices and can then concentrate on the factors that determine your success.