Best Football Tipsters Guide on Betting

There are a bunch of different tips & tricks to win in sports betting, but for this article we will focus on the best football tipsters guide

football betting guide

It must be patient to approach any services regarding a profitable football tip, but you should make sure you do have the reliable best football tipsters or experts who are close to the heart of the teams and players, especially in the top leagues.

It can be extremely frustrating trying to predict the result of games when you have limited knowledge about the disappearances and injuries of players, their recent form and strategies. A lot of that knowledge can be learned from reading up on the teams – especially in all the premier leagues, where the abundance of top quality players and managers can be studied in great detail through our football tipsters service.

For example, last week’s result of our football tipsters was a successful record on predicting how the teams are going to perform for the main leagues

With the amount of money that is involved in the sports industry and the pressure of the team managers, coaches and players, having a bad performance will fail to make an impact in the important games like the Champions League. This will impact the betting odds and it is a good time to study and pick the right games to build our profits.

You could make a good career out of studying this information and learning from the best football tipsters or services like us

Some services provide only the up-to-date information, whereas others give tips for underdog teams that are less favorable. Be careful where you decide to direct your efforts, as it costs you much of your precious time. You will have to develop the skill of knowing when the right tips for your picks is the time to raise your bets for great success!

Easy Tips with Football Betting Tipsters

Whilst the bookmakers will always have a huge advantage over a football tipster, there are still many people who would like to get a piece of that pie


Most will endeavor to find a betting system or top football tipster which will help them to bet safely and securely every time :

  • This football betting tipster method will help especially those new to betting, and once they start betting, the money machine just gets bigger and bigger!

Betting on football always involves a level of risk :

  • This football betting method will help to minimize this risk as much as possible, and once you start betting the right way, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can make!

What you need to keep in mind when reading the football betting guides is that they WILL NOT cover every aspect of gambling you need to look at – so some may show you how to win money, but they won’t deal with any type of losing bets.

This football tipster method will show you…

1. How to find a winner.

2. How to ‘profit min-max’ by betting more or less every week.

3. What kinds of betting strategies to use in order to ‘tip’ (Increase your money profit).

The first thing to consider when you read the bookmakers books or the betting guides, is to take note of the odds being offered, and then look to see which teams and how much bigger they are than the bookies predicted :

  • This is a good indicator that the bookmakers are adjusting the odds according to how much profit they believe they can get

If the odds aren’t what the bookmakers anticipate, then you have to ask the top football tipster

1. Profitability isn’t really the bottom line.

2. They are ready to give you the odds that they believe are profitable.

Besides all the above, the top football tipster has another great advantage that many do not use when they bet on football

They actually have live odds for the best bets to be placed as well!

Football betting tipster is another one of the betting guides that can really improve your likelihood of success when betting on football

Bet of the Day : Lazio vs Salernitana

Lazio will be ready to continue their recent good form as they go against Salernitana. Austin Perkins look for the best bet of the day


Backing Lazio might be the wise choice here, winning 7 games out of the 11 played this season. They are feeling pretty good sitting on the 3rd place of the table. Interestingly, the Serbian Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is a player to look out for as how well he has performed.

Lazio defensive side has been top-notch having only conceded 5 goals out of the 11 games. Their performance is flying sky-high now, proving they will have a hard time losing today’s game.

Salernitana is definitely the underdog here. Having a well rested week into this match, they have proven to be tough at away games. They draw 3 out of 5 games they played, and the opponents included are Udinese & Juventus which are obviously the favorites.

The catch for today’s bet of the day will fall into the Asian Handicap odds, this will play an important factor winning at today’s match.
  • Get Serie A expert tipster Austin Perkins predictions here

Important Facts of Top Football Tipster

There are two types of football betting guides – the paid and free ones

Important Facts of Football Tipster

Most credible tipsters are still using the same strategies and information they have been using for many years, solely because once they learn how to bet on football successfully, they are almost guaranteed to make money. They have been in the betting business for so long that they can provide solid support to their customers on a daily basis.

The paid football betting guides are often owned by football tipsters & it is a great source for betting tips

Some tipsters in this market will actually offer premium access to their betting strategy (which we will call premium access). Premium access can be anything from a tipster who produces a winning selection to a full betting package which includes paid weekly selections, money management skills & bet selection tools.

One thing to consider with any tipster selling a premium membership is that their football betting strategies are tried and tested. Many of the paid football tipsters have been in this business for many years, running this market. It is not unreasonable to say, these guys have come to know these betting strategies inside out and can recommend them to you safely due to their years of experience.

When setting up to pay a football tipster, you need to be sure you are getting a service with a proven track record of success. Talking to other punters or finding out what kind of results the tipsters have obtained for their clients can be a good reference point.

Occasionally a paid professional tipster will offer a few extra bonus tips, which these are usually completions of paid results. If you go ahead with the bet after checking these possible extra bonuses, it shows that the tipster is quite confident in their ability to pick the games. Their tips will be a lot more valuable if you go in with some betting knowledge, and you can see what they have been saying about the upcoming games.

A side note to the paid services is that certain services that have a good track record may offer a betting strategy of their tips. Usually this does not apply to all paid services.

A few pointers of football betting tips to remember :
  • Pay attention to the effective money management tip. It is a crucial aspect to learn, as powerful tips WILL NOT simply work for you. Therefore, follow their money management tips religiously by dollar value & not just for the sake of a few tips!
  • If you do your own research & play a few free bets, you will be surprised to find out how powerful a football tipster can be when dealing with fixed odds betting. This is the advanced tip and can show a big profit 95% of the time.

Once you got the basics of football betting, you will discover that following top football tips are fundamental, as they will instantly increase your profits.

Top 5 Football Betting Mistakes

Some betting mistakes come from being inexperience and not getting services from top football tipsters, you can get a better idea of where the true talent lies in the divisions. Expert tipsters true quality is usually undisclosed.

Top 5 football betting mistakes

When considering prices, you should consider the proven records of the people supplying you with the tips. This is the most important part on betting mistakes. The prices are displayed at the site of the tipster, and usually higher prices means the more confident the pick is.

Football handicapping is a growing industry that attracts many enterprising individuals to test their knowledge and talent for making brilliant bets. However, in spite of all the available strategy guides and betting tools, people still make the most basic mistake most of the time.

This article will drive home the importance of betting traps that ones usually fall for it. There are better ways to win bets than just making bets and hoping your team will win. You can do some analysis by the team’s previous performance to know how is their recent form.

An intelligent gambler will be more confident and start to put money down the best situations to bet on their favorite team. This will ensure a greater return in the long run, but it will also limit the amount of bets you can place.

The way to get around making bets with no positive edge is to caution yourself and take one last look at the teams. It will be apparent that the team’s previous game had to do with the current game that you are going to bet on. Injuries, losses, wins, and a number of other factors will have an effect on the teams that you are betting on.

If you can confidently conclude that your team is going to win, and little or no risk, you should place the bet. If you are not, but you think they have a better than 50% chance of winning, by all means think twice.

Obvious betting mistakes are betting on every game and you will end up just betting blind. This is why getting top football tipsters advice is so important if you really want to be successful in betting.

There are a number of primary reasons why you should not bet on every game or day, and they are discussed below.

1. Inability To Concentrate – Try to keep your bad habits to a minimum, as you need to concentrate on what you are doing before your bet. Drinks and other substance will affect you on your picks and bets.

2. Inexperience – Do not bet if you are inexperienced in this field. Ask professionals for advice, and confirm the picks that you are betting on.

3. Want To Bet More – You will want to bet more if you are on a winning streak, but did you really want to risk a certain bet just trying to double your money?

4. Inability To Negate Losing Streak – Streaks will happen to all of us. It’s a part of the game. If you can not manage to handle your mentality, then you will lose a lot of money.

5. Disdain To Change – Track the record of your bets in every game. You are bound to lose a lot of money if you think about changing occasionally. Besides, try to operate a betting pattern that suits you.

With the above five football betting mistakes, you will easily be able to avoid most of them if you recognize them when you are being reckless.

Betting Strategy for Beginners

betting strategy

How does betting strategy work on your bets stack up to betting on the dark horses?

There are many tipping services available out there at any time, each with their own advantages, and each with their own set of rules.

When looking into the best football tipster service, look at this simple review of their past success:

  • How did they do prior to their creation of their service?
  • Was their success on a proven betting plan that you can use?

Once you get past the idea of using any football tipster service, a full-blown betting strategy for betting football is the single most significant factor in how well a tipster does it. It’s a big part of how to make money, and it’s the part of betting football that knowledgeable, successful tipsters will spend their time on.

Whenever possible, finish the job by doing research and studying on your bankroll. Learn how to handicap as well as assess and predict as much as possible. Learn to manage your money in a smart manner so that you will be able to develop a betting strategy of your own.

I personally recommend that you check on some live football betting games to watch how the odds move during a match, it plays a important part for any betting strategy

Something you can take a write-up analysis are the previous odds of the match and after to see how much the max number odds that you can expect to win. It’s not rocket science, but something you must be aware of and use.

When looking at a top tipster’s past history, check out how often the tipster has shown a profit over a specific football season. Does he consistently win by the odds? Remember, keep your expectations and goals in mind and have a degree of patience.

Discovering the right betting strategy fits your expectations, profitable for you, and increases your enjoyment of the best football tipping services.

When you start to find the type of betting strategy that meets these requirements, and having fun with them, that’s the winning streak that football tipsters and expert handicappers alike are seeking.

Bet of the Day : Série B Nautico vs Gremio (RS)

Campeonato Brasileiro Série B highlight match of the day as Nautico takes on top runner Gremio (RS) on home ground. Kevin Ferguson has the preview of today’s best bet


Sitting at the bottom of the table, Nautico has the worst record and performance over the other teams in the league. They might be the weaker team compare to Gremio (RS), somehow there is a chance of snatching a win with the home advantage. Past record of this season proves they play way better during home games. Asian Handicap odds with a +1/1.5 for Nautico is definitely something to track on.

On the other hand, Gremio (RS) aiming to secure the 2nd spot if they get the win today. Hanging just 1 point short over Vasco da Gama. Playing on the away side has always been a problem for them. Gremio (RS) might be on the top of the table, but most of their away games looks bad. Over the 17 away games they only manage to grab 2 wins, this is a very bad statistics.

Today’s Bet of the Day seems easy to predict, but there’s always a catch to make the best accurate football prediction :

Best Football Betting Tips for Starters

By visiting our website, you can get a regular update of the latest betting tips, free football betting guides, and the best football tipsters to help you with your football betting career or purchase your first-ever premium tips for our football picks service. We want your ordering to be successful at our website and want the customer to be happy. If you are not satisfied and being a loyal customer, we will happily refund your money, (excluding the costs of winning bets or exchanges)

Best Football Tips

Why is Premium Paying Best Football Tips Services Benefits by the Pros?

Extraordinarily, many of the individuals who have been making regular in-play betting on football can clearly remember the “OLD habits” that they had as gamblers, which are definitely not conducive to their success today. Whether we are talking about sports betting, horse racing, NFL betting, NFL handicapping, baseball, basketball, or any other sport, old habits die hard.

There is just no way to compete with those that have made all the money in the past, let alone predict that sort of success to others. Whether it is to make money in the future or to lose money in the past, old habits die hard. The biggest mistake that the individuals make is to try to go out there and bet like the professional’s, when actually they are instead looking for the ways to make money quickly in the current environment.

This is why the best football picks with the longest track record are selected by the experts

How do you select yours? If you do not have the time to research and select picks yourself, you can opt for such a reliable service that will do all the necessary leg work for you, but with a price. Such a service will also be able to give you tips on the best selections that are reliable in the long run. All you have to do is get the betting part of the business down, and you are almost guaranteed to start making money.

The Track Record with the Handicapping Service of the Top Football Tipsters

As alluded to above, the track record of the handicapping service is a good indication of how successful you will be. This, in many ways, is the most important of factors to consider. Do not forget that sports is ultimately a game of chance. There will be losing days, or bad things might have happened to you or things might have gone the other way, but you can’t depend on luck to have all your money.

If you rely on luck to have a winning season, you will never get out of debt. If you make good picks, take notes and do more analysis. This might be a great way to turn a negative into a positive. Try our services to get started, good luck in the future!

Football Betting – The Reasons Why You Fail

Football-Betting-The-ReasonsBy purchasing football betting tips & guides, we can acquire all the information we need to make the correct bets & predictions, which gives us the edge over the bookmakers & the many betting systems on the internet.

What are the average Football Tipsters mistakes?

  • Failure to back talented teams
  • Failure to back underdog teams
  • Failure to back home advantage teams
  • Failure to back score predicted teams
  • Failure to bet in draw games
  • Failure to bet away advantage teams
  • Failure to back total goals in the correct odds
  • Failure to bet correct odds on the correct score

What are the reasons you fail to make the correct predictions? Getting top football tipsters advice is crucial

  1. Amateur gamblers that think they know how to bet
  2. Bookmakers who are prepared to take huge odds for all the popular teams. The favorite teams are always backed in the betting markets by the bookmakers, but when they start to lose money, then the bookmakers quickly raise the odds on the other teams to try and break even, or worse lose their own investment.
  3. The greedy bookmakers increase the odds on the popular teams to try and attract people to bet on them. When the popular teams hurt the bookmaker’s odds, then the bookmakers protect themselves by reducing the odds on the popular teams, thus losing their investment.
  4. The professional gamblers are always keeping a cheat sheet in front of them, which tells them exactly when to pick a good bet
  5. Professional gamblers are always analyzing each game, and trying to identify value, they can spot much quicker than the average punter
  6. The average punter doesn’t understand when to bet, and more importantly, how much to bet
  7. The average punter becomes addicted to his favorite team when on a winning run
  8. The average punter channels a lot of money to the game and gives less value to his bets
  9. The average punter loses more than he wins
  10. The average punter is chasing a strike rate higher than what is profitable
  11. The average punter only wins around 20% of his bets

There are many more reasons, but they are linked together into a concise guideline as to what it’s like to run your betting business as a professional.

This is how you could do it too, just follow the top football tipsters advice above and open up your own bookmakers loophole, and will and you will start to make profits in no time!

Professional Football Betting – How to Bet with Top Football Tipsters

Here I am going to share to you the method that professional football experts have used in betting.

How to Bet with Top Football Tipsters

This method is not the most scientific or the fastest, In fact the method is very simple and down to earth, all you need is basically to be familiar with how to bet on the games, and you will be on your way to making some excellent money.

Before we get into the mechanics of how to pick the proper tipster, we need to establish why we are betting. I usually suggest to my clients that are interested with betting with professional football tips that I should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Why do I choose to bet on football?
  • What are my expectations from the betting?
  • What are the potential weaknesses of this team or this player?
  • How passionate are the management and staff of the professional football club or player?

Now we can proceed on to the actual picking process. Please be aware that the professional football tipster was paid for the service, free tips is not reliable. When the picks are confirmed, this is when the professional tipster will send us the information. How do we know that the professional tipster is knowledgeable? Well by my own personal and professional observations here are what I believe to be the necessary keys:

  1. The professional tipster has been in the scene for some time with good track records
  2. The tipster has strong knowledge of the professional football game, team and players
  3. The tipster has strong knowledge of football betting and market odds

Of course, the tipster should be providing you with a money-back guarantee if he missed his most confident pick. Remember to proceed with a betting strategy and a goal in mind. For the record, I don’t ever recommend someone betting less than $50 or $100.

You need to learn to bet more than the football tipster service you buy if you want to make money consistently.

You should also make sure that the professional tipster you chose to follow is on a winning record and giving good advice on what picks he selected. Don’t ever go against the expert picks, even if it’s your favorite team.