Who is currently the Most Profitable Football Tipster on Top Football Advisor?

It’s got to be Henry Blackwood


Henry Blackwood has had over fifteen years of football and betting experience, and he was the Coach of the Year in 2011 during his coaching career. He has been a professional football tipster since 2012, and has been producing profitable tips since then.

Henry Blackwood has a football handicapping system called the fence of bets, a system that he developed after he spent ten years finding the highest valued underdog in football matches.

With his betting system, he is able to spot the most valuable wagers on football betting.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Henry’s system is its departure rules, which afford the greatest reward for punters. Rules differ from strategy to strategy, but all offer some form of departure rules that aid to identify the most lucrative bets. Henry’s systems are not based on odds, but instead on local knowledge and strict discipline.

The most telling feature of his systems is the ability to offer a number of tips on the same event(i.e. the betting markets on the same match). In this way, he has been able to identify a number of high value bets, and the ability to specialize and focus on the most profitable teams or players.

A Betting System that prioritize high value bets

One instance is the infamous lay bet occurs when one bets the home team to lose a match, even when there are a number of high value bets available for the away team. This bet could be classed as one of the worst bets, but despite this has a high payout.

The high value bet to win the home team is classed as a high risk bet, but the payout is low. This is one of the most common reasons a lot of traditional betting systems fail.

When betting on sports, the traditional betting systems either cannot be flexible enough, or the reward does not strike the right ratio. This is why a lot of people fail making the same transition from the ‘classical system’ to the successful one.

There are also many services trying to make a transition from the ‘aggressive’ style betting practices of the past to the new competitive one today. It has been proven that these handicappers are still not flexible in their betting, that the systems still follow the same flawed methods as used in the past, and that a clever marketing scheme is not enough to beat the systems at their own game.

The only true way to beat the betting systems is to adapt the systems to be profitable

The goal of the adaptation process is to produce a more flexible and productive method to suit his way. The end result is always a more productive and profitable end for the client and the cappers. This applies whether the client is in it for a long time, or is just in it for a few weeks.

Try his service and, you will get to know more about his picks and accurate football predictions, allowing you to easily enjoy the winnings.


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