There are two types of football betting guides – the paid and free ones

Important Facts of Football Tipster

Most credible tipsters are still using the same strategies and information they have been using for many years, solely because once they learn how to bet on football successfully, they are almost guaranteed to make money. They have been in the betting business for so long that they can provide solid support to their customers on a daily basis.

The paid football betting guides are often owned by football tipsters & it is a great source for betting tips

Some tipsters in this market will actually offer premium access to their betting strategy (which we will call premium access). Premium access can be anything from a tipster who produces a winning selection to a full betting package which includes paid weekly selections, money management skills & bet selection tools.

One thing to consider with any tipster selling a premium membership is that their football betting strategies are tried and tested. Many of the paid football tipsters have been in this business for many years, running this market. It is not unreasonable to say, these guys have come to know these betting strategies inside out and can recommend them to you safely due to their years of experience.

When setting up to pay a football tipster, you need to be sure you are getting a service with a proven track record of success. Talking to other punters or finding out what kind of results the tipsters have obtained for their clients can be a good reference point.

Occasionally a paid professional tipster will offer a few extra bonus tips, which these are usually completions of paid results. If you go ahead with the bet after checking these possible extra bonuses, it shows that the tipster is quite confident in their ability to pick the games. Their tips will be a lot more valuable if you go in with some betting knowledge, and you can see what they have been saying about the upcoming games.

A side note to the paid services is that certain services that have a good track record may offer a betting strategy of their tips. Usually this does not apply to all paid services.

A few pointers of football betting tips to remember :
  • Pay attention to the effective money management tip. It is a crucial aspect to learn, as powerful tips WILL NOT simply work for you. Therefore, follow their money management tips religiously by dollar value & not just for the sake of a few tips!
  • If you do your own research & play a few free bets, you will be surprised to find out how powerful a football tipster can be when dealing with fixed odds betting. This is the advanced tip and can show a big profit 95% of the time.

Once you got the basics of football betting, you will discover that following top football tips are fundamental, as they will instantly increase your profits.


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