How To Track Value Odds & Exchanging Bets

If the odds probability assigned to a match is considered to be calculated or predicted incorrectly, then the price given by the bookmaker may, and often does, grow.

To understand the concept of value betting, it is necessary to appreciate two concepts, the movement of bets and the exchange payouts for winning bets.
  • The movement of bets: Implied odds are the odds that the bookmakers use to determine how much they need to cover the upcoming match, in this case an example home win on a £10 bet. If the asian handicap odds are set to 0.9 for the home team, then the bookmaker intends to cover the £1 bet on the win. The punter will receive the £10 back plus the £9 that was stake on the home win
  • Exchanging bets: The bet must be accepted by the bettor before the match starts to track the odds but its a risky play. Betting exchange players usually work with multiple online booking accounts to facilitate flexibility

The success of exchange betting lies in the flexible nature that allows successful odds to form. The bettor and the value odds – remain independent in the sense that the bettor determines the odds he accepts and the betting exchange evaluates the odds presented by the bookmaker. Both parties are in business to make a profit but the as of the results, should the bettor fail, is a high risk low reward game.

Below are some football tips that you should keep in mind
  • First examine the match in general and background. Not all sites offer the same odds and the similarities with differences between them are sometimes in a minute. The devoted punters dig deeper to make a win and stay with it. Players who go by the book have proven that betting is not about luck, but about making profit with a desired bankroll
  • Choose your most active match and start betting. Bet aggressively  on openings and avoid the temptation to chase losses. You will not make big leaps, but you will steadily build on your base. Betting systematically to make consistent profits is the goal. This is only recommended to expert players who know what they are doing
  • Interesting rules that can help with profitting such as +2, +3, +5, +7 and more
  • High rollers can go for our insider correct score tips which is 100% fixed (If you aim to win big on a match)

Today, the smart bettor knows that he will bet manageable stakes regularly and systematically to minimize his risk, and work on building up a small fortune from this method. With our football advisors guiding the informed decisions will help him to make a living. These systems don’t come without a price, but the overwhelming majority of them pay off massively in the long term.

Remember to stick on familiar sports and markets. Knowledge of a sport saves the day as far as betting is concerned. Today’s bettors place their stakes on football, horse racing, cricket, baseball, basketball, rugby, snooker and a number of other sports. Football betting is our expertise and we have been doing it for years . Welcome to join


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