How to Develop a Strong Bankroll

We think that there are three elements to developing a strong football betting bankroll

  1. Understand the game
  2. Understand the market
  3. Bet at the right odds

And the best way to start is with understanding the game

Certainly it’s the simplest yet most important part of betting .The way a casual bettor look at the game of football is that as a series of the same game played over and over again. During a game, you can look at momentum that a team enjoys. There are tournaments that have more of a momentum swing than others, even the way a team does the same thing over and again can give you an indication of their form and what sort of form they are enjoying.

We look at momentum in two ways, the short term and the long term. The short term is the form they are playing in a single game and the long term is can they carry the momentum from the previous match to the next.

The long term plays an important stats for our top football tipsters in picking the right predictions.

There are some general rules of doing these types of analysis, particularly if negative clichés are going to be your basis of selection.

Keep it simple for the most part, and most importantly trust the tips given to bet a match, look at the factors, and then create your own angles. Then watch your bankroll climb!

Most of the bettors that we work with are always satisfied!

Get your research in order, and learn all you can about the teams and different leagues. Watch as many games as you can, this will improve your knowledge and confidence to bet on a good football tips.



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