Most punters who bet on football wish they could offer an alternative to picking their favourite team, or perhaps at least backing their favourite team to win the match at half the odds placed on the competitors.

Whilst there are several bookmakers would have slightly better odds offering for the alternative, a lot of them are cannot guarantee the success of backing an underdog. This means that most punters are left with the dilemma of either having to pick their favourite team to win, or bet on the least favourite team.

This means that they have to find another way to pick a winning team, or bet on something that will give them a better chance of winning.

How to Analyse Football Teams

Expect the unexpected

One of the most obvious methods to win on underdogs is to compare football teams. By researching the form of all the teams in the league, it is possible to check out how good each team is playing and access where their strengths lie. For example, a good team may be at the bottom of the league at the start, which may be giving them a run for their money. The odds may not be in their favour, but it is possible to back them for a win, they might perform better than expected.

The odds given by bookmakers will not be a true measure of the outcome of the match, because opponents can be influenced. Even if they are only giving you good odds on a win, a lot of people are swayed by an opponent’s success. Injuries to key players, suspensions and loss of goalscoring form can cause a team to have a bad match.

Most football players that have little injuries will not list on their latest match report, but the injury to a key player is often reported. This makes it very easy to cherry pick an outcome from an event where a player is likely to not perform well.

News , media and statistics

Daily sport news is also a source of betting opportunities. Serious injuries to players in the middle of a season, such as those involving injuries to key players or captain, will result in large ranges of odds being offered on both teams. It’s highly likely that odds will be different from the usual, which may find you are offered higher odds or the other.

This makes betting against your favourite team lucrative, as the odds are still highly against your team even if they haven’t been in a good form. Most big transfers will also have a big impact on upcoming matchups. So you really should follow the season and select your bets based on the stats of the team.

All this statistics are available on the internet and can be accessed within seconds but there are so many different matches and leagues everyday. This is where our professional tipsters comes to light, analysing every potential match on different leagues to find the most accurate football predictions.


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