Football-Betting-The-ReasonsBy purchasing football betting tips & guides, we can acquire all the information we need to make the correct bets & predictions, which gives us the edge over the bookmakers & the many betting systems on the internet.

What are the average Football Tipsters mistakes?

  • Failure to back talented teams
  • Failure to back underdog teams
  • Failure to back home advantage teams
  • Failure to back score predicted teams
  • Failure to bet in draw games
  • Failure to bet away advantage teams
  • Failure to back total goals in the correct odds
  • Failure to bet correct odds on the correct score

What are the reasons you fail to make the correct predictions? Getting top football tipsters advice is crucial

  1. Amateur gamblers that think they know how to bet
  2. Bookmakers who are prepared to take huge odds for all the popular teams. The favorite teams are always backed in the betting markets by the bookmakers, but when they start to lose money, then the bookmakers quickly raise the odds on the other teams to try and break even, or worse lose their own investment.
  3. The greedy bookmakers increase the odds on the popular teams to try and attract people to bet on them. When the popular teams hurt the bookmaker’s odds, then the bookmakers protect themselves by reducing the odds on the popular teams, thus losing their investment.
  4. The professional gamblers are always keeping a cheat sheet in front of them, which tells them exactly when to pick a good bet
  5. Professional gamblers are always analyzing each game, and trying to identify value, they can spot much quicker than the average punter
  6. The average punter doesn’t understand when to bet, and more importantly, how much to bet
  7. The average punter becomes addicted to his favorite team when on a winning run
  8. The average punter channels a lot of money to the game and gives less value to his bets
  9. The average punter loses more than he wins
  10. The average punter is chasing a strike rate higher than what is profitable
  11. The average punter only wins around 20% of his bets

There are many more reasons, but they are linked together into a concise guideline as to what it’s like to run your betting business as a professional.

This is how you could do it too, just follow the top football tipsters advice above and open up your own bookmakers loophole, and will and you will start to make profits in no time!


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