Before we start into the best way to bet on football, let us share with you the most popular bet type used by the football punters. That is the basic understanding being explained in our football betting guide.

How to Bet on Football with Best Football Betting Guide


Most Popular Football Betting Markets

Asian Handicap

This is a very popular bet type in Asia because it has only two outcomes, either win or lost (excluding the draw results) which is the easiest way to bet and win on football.
For example -1 Asian handicap, we will win the bet if the team wins the match with at least 2 goals difference. If the team wins with 1 goal difference, it’s a draw bet and our stakes will be refunded. And if the team draws or lost the match, we will lose the stake. Here is a full explanation of Asian Handicap Betting.

Fixed Odds

European football punters usually bet on fixed-odds betting, there are three possible outcomes to win a match, either win of the home team or (1), a draw or (X) or the win for the away (2). Despite being popular in Europe, football punters tend to choose Asian Handicap over it. It’s because the probability for winning is 33.3% as its 3 outcomes. However, majority of the matches with the favorite team offering low price, it’s one of the best ways to bet on football with multiple bets/ combo bets/ mix parlay (Selecting a few events together for a higher payout).

Total Goals / Over or Under

This is the upcoming most popular way to bet on football after Asian Handicap. It’s very similar as there are only two outcomes that become part of the easiest way to bet and win on football.
For example Total Goals 3, you can bet on Under 3 goals where you will win if there are less than 3 goals total of the match by full time. Or betting on Over 3 goals where you will win if there are more than 3 goals total of that match by fulltime. If the match ends with 3 goals in total, it will be considered as a draw and your bet will be refunded. There are also market odds example 2.25 where you can be losing half stakes or winning half stakes, where you can find more information here at Betdaqhelp Total Goals Explanation.

First Scorer

This is not one of the best ways to bet on football, however, there are football punters who do football analysis and predictions, or support a team/player where they can profit high returns by placing a bet on ‘first scorer’ market. The odds are higher for the ‘first scorer’ market because the chances of winning are one of the twenty-two players (not including substitutes) could be the first to score. Certain favorite players in a team that will usually score in the match still do have a decent odd price.

Half Time / Full Time

Another best way to bet on football is the ‘half-time/full-time’ bet market where you are betting on what is the half-time and full-time results. There is a total of 9 outcomes from Home/Home, Home/Draw, Home/Away, Draw/Home, Draw/Draw, Draw/Away, Away/Home, Away/Draw and Away/Away.

Here is an example of the payout price for a balanced team match fixture.



A lot of professional football punters love this way to bet on football.


Correct Scorehalftime-fulltime football odds

This is the hardest way to bet on football but also the most profitable way to bet on football. You are going to bet on the exact score results of the match and here is an example payout price for a balanced team match fixture.


football correct-score odds

Some bookmakers offer AOS ( Any other scores ) and some don’t support such an offer.

The correct-score bet market is mostly used by professional football punters with football analysis or football predictions.

Both Teams to Score

This way to bet on football is pretty self-explanatory, or it’s called BTTS, you can bet on both teams to score, or one team to score or there is no goal being scored in the match. Here is an example of the bet market of both teams to score.


Football Betting Guide 2020

Now you have understood the best way to bet on football, it’s time to learn more from the football betting guide we have been constantly updating. It has been massively popular in the last 2 decades with football betting, but can you really make money out of it?

Here are the top tips for betting success with our football betting guide.

Disciplines with Bankroll

The most important rule of gambling is that you should only bet what you can afford to lose. In our football betting guide, we recommend you by putting aside an amount of money to bet which is also called bankroll.

It’s very common that football punters cannot control their emotions when you are winning or especially when you are losing, it becomes tempting to start placing bigger bets in order to recover back the money you’ve lost. One of the biggest mistakes football punters did was chasing their losses and lead to bigger losses.

We suggest you be patient and build up your bankroll again by smaller bets, you might also be interested in football analysis and predictions offered by our football tipsters.
Some of the professional football punters bet with a strategy like Martingale (betting system) however you will need to have a very healthy bankroll.

There is a lot of football predictions site in the market outside of our football betting guide and it’s one of the best ways to bet on football.

Taking Advantage of Bonus Offers

There are so many bookmakers in the market today and these companies are offering great bonuses to compete in the market. You should take advantage of these bonuses where you are getting freeroll bets. Certainly, there is terms and condition that you required to meet before making your withdrawals.

As our football betting guide explained, it’s required patience and discipline. It will not be a problem for you to wait to make a withdrawal with your football winnings, as long as you have proper bankroll management, you can even rely on some of the best football predictions available from our football tipsters to increase your winning possibility.

It’s also a bonus to have several accounts with different bookmakers so that you can bet on the best price offered by comparing with these bookmakers. Some professional football punters can bet on arbitrage betting between bookmakers. This is a betting strategy where you are surely making profits from the margin difference between odds offered in the bookmakers.

Football Analysis and Predictions

It will take a lot of effort to be successful in football betting. Recreational gamblers usually bet on football based on their feelings or support their favorite team – in the long run, it’s not going to be profitable. The difference separating them with the professional football punters would be their knowledge towards the games, results will be vary depending on their personal analysis.

There is a lot of football predictions site in the market and it’s very useful towards some of the minor or foreign league games where you have limited information aside from what is available on the internet.
In our football betting guide, we do encourage you to use football predictions from good quality football tipsters, however, you will need to put into your own discretion to use them. We do suggest you have a look at our daily football predictions usually covering most of the games played daily.

Balance Sheet

The most important rule to be successful in football betting, you will need to keep track of your balance sheet every week or month. Aside from everything explained in this football betting guide, you can only improve your bankroll by looking at your betting activity and keep track of how much you are winning and losing.
Especially when you have several betting accounts, you can identify what kind of bets you are having more success. Not to mention if you are using football predictions tipster, it’s very important to follow these tips.


I hope this football betting guide will help you to increase your chances of winning through the best way to bet on football. You will overcome bad and good days, in order to be successful always remember that football betting is a long-term investment. By following our football betting guide you will definitely find great success on your betting journey.