Best Football Tipsters for the World Cup 2022

Football tipsters find and frequently publish information on over 100 football tipsters across the net, all of whom show potential in their predictions when the games are mentioned.


We work with some of the best football tipsters to produce a definitive list, in keeping with the form of the tipsters on the day of the fixture

Every day we work hard to identify the picks for the public view, and this is an extremely hard job just to keep a good performance. Our football tipsters service ranks among the best because we pay attention to the daily twists and turns of the betting view on events, and try to prevent the balance being tipped too far in any particular direction.

We reveal the identities of our tipsters we engage in their analysis, and discuss their recent form and what potential hazards they could continue to carry in the future.

We always look for the football tipsters with a proven track record, employing someone who operates independently and has great trust as a result. Furthermore, we don’t employ novice tipsters or journalists, as we suspect that they could just get some poor information with unreliable sources.

Being the best football tipster as a successful role, we seek to publish the most confident picks with proven results as our site does give this option to choose different from our selected professional tipsters

Going with a leading tipping service is going to cost a price, but we know that the better the source, the bigger the payout.

Best football tipsters are scouters of info, just like any other jobs. They keep track of upcoming star players in football matches, and the current form of the players chasing them and their respective teams. Every single piece of information is an important lead to a good result.

There is no definite ranking system in here. As such, we attract and invite the best football tipsters to provide us with their sources, which we agree to publish.

The tips get published with a fee as we need to validate the information to give a reasonable price. We publish these every day, and with over a million of bets has been wagered through our service since launch – We are ready and prepared for the upcoming World Cup 2022

How to Choose a Good Tipster Service Provider

Many betters enjoy betting on football, having a good tipster service is very beneficial for making profits

Good Tipster Service

Just by reading and studying the football articles, videos, and guides are not enough to choose their picks. Everyone wants a strong proof of ability and commitment to provide a good tipster service that can be relied upon.

A good tipster service provider will offer many different betting systems for the punter to choose from

Those which provide the best value to the punter in terms of strategizing and offering something unique in its approach. They should also be able to offer some football advice and strategies regarding how and when to bet. Answering any questions concerning the process just not be a problem.

Our service understands the importance of being able to give advice that can be relied upon, especially if the punter is going to commit long term to studying and betting to make a profit. Everyone should have a system they can follow, and our tipster services is one of the best. If you are looking for a tipster to follow, you might want to consider our tipster directory.

Never hesitate to go for the proven betting systems

Finally, the systems with the most record of success are the best. Some systems might be unusual, but they can be very good indeed. If you are wondering about the nitty-gritty of choosing the best system to beat the bookmakers, you can try on to find out.

A good system provides you with a lot of good methods for winning, but beware that the system will work unless you follow it exactly. If you choose your picks randomly, you might just lose most of the time or maybe win inconsistently, relying on pure luck.

You need to be confident that you are going to win, and you need a good tipster service to help you achieve it. Make sure you test out our service thoroughly and see how it works for you.

How To Be A Professional Punter

professional punter
Some of the top tips for a punter on the betting exchanges can be found in the news and many of the blogs and articles present on the subject. Professionals advice is what is really needed here and, unlike the television, there is no rush at all to place your bets.

Many of the best football tipsters have been betting on the game for many years and know the players, the teams, and the coaches personally. This makes them uniquely qualified to offer betting tips for the game. This type of service is expecting to cost on average, 30 dollars up to 300 dollars per match for VIP services.

Among the tips for betting on football, the importance of being patience as a punter cannot be stressed enough

Without this important element, you will find it almost impossible to become successful. Learning to handicap football requires patience, the ability to see the whole game in its entirety, including the different type of weather forecast to the ability to closely follow the injury reports.

Serious punters know that a little extra work is needed in order to find the best odds in the market

With the large numbers of free bets available from betting websites, punters worldwide make money every day. It is within this context that choosing the right bookmaker makes a lot of sense. Not only will they give you the best possible odds, but they will also give you the opportunity to earn more on the winnings!

Experienced punters will advise you to place your money on events with low odds. These bets are like taking a chance, but in this case the consequences may be less, and it all depends on your decision

Make certain that as much time and effort as possible is given to researching the source of the football tips, as the odds are always changing and may not necessarily be appreciated by the time you receive your tips. Relying on odds to profit a little more is recommended due to many factors. Therefore, researching on every football tips is essential.

Always study the odds available because these provide a basis for comparison rather than an indicator of likely outcomes. Trends in the betting world may not be very accessible to amateurs, so in order to gain well-rounded opinions, you need to be aware of the most current trends. If you are unable to study the technicalities of the sport betting world, you can always listen to the experts and professional tipsters to learn more about their picks on teams, players and coaches.

If you intend to start taking part making money in sports betting, it’s best to have start with our services with a wide range of professional tipsters.

How to Get the Best Football Tips

There are a few basic steps you need to follow in order to be able to get the best football tips. These would totally be worth it and could make a big difference in your football picks and bets.



You will find some sites offering free football tips

These football tips may be of use of entertainment only. These are offered without any purchase and should not be taken seriously if you want to make profits.

The tipster service that promises the most confident picks must be taken seriously. These tips are supposedly only based on information gathered from official sources and the proven ones. If the tips were good, that must mean they did work hard to gather them.

The secret part of reliable sources is what the tipster promote in the future, this can be determined by looking at the past results of the tipster has given. Having a good winning streak is a good sign.

Where the football tips come from ?

These tipsters who have made a name in the tips industry can give out information regarding the top league tips. To be more specific about it, all the claims does include insider information and having good connections.

Overall, only the top football tipsters are able to fetch such football tips from good sources, you could get an idea of what type of information you could expect from these experts.

They know there’s a huge demand for their services, and therefore they can only give out what they know. In this case they always have to find better football tips to have an edge to be the best tipster

If you want to come up with your own tips, you have to dig deeper into the tipster’s background and the source of their tips. All our tipsters are verified and will provide the best service you ever find.

Most Profitable Football Betting System

Who is currently the Most Profitable Football Tipster on Top Football Advisor?

It’s got to be Henry Blackwood


Henry Blackwood has had over fifteen years of football and betting experience, and he was the Coach of the Year in 2011 during his coaching career. He has been a professional football tipster since 2012, and has been producing profitable tips since then.

Henry Blackwood has a football handicapping system called the fence of bets, a system that he developed after he spent ten years finding the highest valued underdog in football matches.

With his betting system, he is able to spot the most valuable wagers on football betting.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Henry’s system is its departure rules, which afford the greatest reward for punters. Rules differ from strategy to strategy, but all offer some form of departure rules that aid to identify the most lucrative bets. Henry’s systems are not based on odds, but instead on local knowledge and strict discipline.

The most telling feature of his systems is the ability to offer a number of tips on the same event(i.e. the betting markets on the same match). In this way, he has been able to identify a number of high value bets, and the ability to specialize and focus on the most profitable teams or players.

A Betting System that prioritize high value bets

One instance is the infamous lay bet occurs when one bets the home team to lose a match, even when there are a number of high value bets available for the away team. This bet could be classed as one of the worst bets, but despite this has a high payout.

The high value bet to win the home team is classed as a high risk bet, but the payout is low. This is one of the most common reasons a lot of traditional betting systems fail.

When betting on sports, the traditional betting systems either cannot be flexible enough, or the reward does not strike the right ratio. This is why a lot of people fail making the same transition from the ‘classical system’ to the successful one.

There are also many services trying to make a transition from the ‘aggressive’ style betting practices of the past to the new competitive one today. It has been proven that these handicappers are still not flexible in their betting, that the systems still follow the same flawed methods as used in the past, and that a clever marketing scheme is not enough to beat the systems at their own game.

The only true way to beat the betting systems is to adapt the systems to be profitable

The goal of the adaptation process is to produce a more flexible and productive method to suit his way. The end result is always a more productive and profitable end for the client and the cappers. This applies whether the client is in it for a long time, or is just in it for a few weeks.

Try his service and, you will get to know more about his picks and accurate football predictions, allowing you to easily enjoy the winnings.

Best Football Tipsters Guide on Betting

There are a bunch of different tips & tricks to win in sports betting, but for this article we will focus on the best football tipsters guide

football betting guide

It must be patient to approach any services regarding a profitable football tip, but you should make sure you do have the reliable best football tipsters or experts who are close to the heart of the teams and players, especially in the top leagues.

It can be extremely frustrating trying to predict the result of games when you have limited knowledge about the disappearances and injuries of players, their recent form and strategies. A lot of that knowledge can be learned from reading up on the teams – especially in all the premier leagues, where the abundance of top quality players and managers can be studied in great detail through our football tipsters service.

For example, last week’s result of our football tipsters was a successful record on predicting how the teams are going to perform for the main leagues

With the amount of money that is involved in the sports industry and the pressure of the team managers, coaches and players, having a bad performance will fail to make an impact in the important games like the Champions League. This will impact the betting odds and it is a good time to study and pick the right games to build our profits.

You could make a good career out of studying this information and learning from the best football tipsters or services like us

Some services provide only the up-to-date information, whereas others give tips for underdog teams that are less favorable. Be careful where you decide to direct your efforts, as it costs you much of your precious time. You will have to develop the skill of knowing when the right tips for your picks is the time to raise your bets for great success!

Easy Tips with Football Betting Tipsters

Whilst the bookmakers will always have a huge advantage over a football tipster, there are still many people who would like to get a piece of that pie


Most will endeavor to find a betting system or top football tipster which will help them to bet safely and securely every time :

  • This football betting tipster method will help especially those new to betting, and once they start betting, the money machine just gets bigger and bigger!

Betting on football always involves a level of risk :

  • This football betting method will help to minimize this risk as much as possible, and once you start betting the right way, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can make!

What you need to keep in mind when reading the football betting guides is that they WILL NOT cover every aspect of gambling you need to look at – so some may show you how to win money, but they won’t deal with any type of losing bets.

This football tipster method will show you…

1. How to find a winner.

2. How to ‘profit min-max’ by betting more or less every week.

3. What kinds of betting strategies to use in order to ‘tip’ (Increase your money profit).

The first thing to consider when you read the bookmakers books or the betting guides, is to take note of the odds being offered, and then look to see which teams and how much bigger they are than the bookies predicted :

  • This is a good indicator that the bookmakers are adjusting the odds according to how much profit they believe they can get

If the odds aren’t what the bookmakers anticipate, then you have to ask the top football tipster

1. Profitability isn’t really the bottom line.

2. They are ready to give you the odds that they believe are profitable.

Besides all the above, the top football tipster has another great advantage that many do not use when they bet on football

They actually have live odds for the best bets to be placed as well!

Football betting tipster is another one of the betting guides that can really improve your likelihood of success when betting on football

Important Facts of Top Football Tipster

There are two types of football betting guides – the paid and free ones

Important Facts of Football Tipster

Most credible tipsters are still using the same strategies and information they have been using for many years, solely because once they learn how to bet on football successfully, they are almost guaranteed to make money. They have been in the betting business for so long that they can provide solid support to their customers on a daily basis.

The paid football betting guides are often owned by football tipsters & it is a great source for betting tips

Some tipsters in this market will actually offer premium access to their betting strategy (which we will call premium access). Premium access can be anything from a tipster who produces a winning selection to a full betting package which includes paid weekly selections, money management skills & bet selection tools.

One thing to consider with any tipster selling a premium membership is that their football betting strategies are tried and tested. Many of the paid football tipsters have been in this business for many years, running this market. It is not unreasonable to say, these guys have come to know these betting strategies inside out and can recommend them to you safely due to their years of experience.

When setting up to pay a football tipster, you need to be sure you are getting a service with a proven track record of success. Talking to other punters or finding out what kind of results the tipsters have obtained for their clients can be a good reference point.

Occasionally a paid professional tipster will offer a few extra bonus tips, which these are usually completions of paid results. If you go ahead with the bet after checking these possible extra bonuses, it shows that the tipster is quite confident in their ability to pick the games. Their tips will be a lot more valuable if you go in with some betting knowledge, and you can see what they have been saying about the upcoming games.

A side note to the paid services is that certain services that have a good track record may offer a betting strategy of their tips. Usually this does not apply to all paid services.

A few pointers of football betting tips to remember :
  • Pay attention to the effective money management tip. It is a crucial aspect to learn, as powerful tips WILL NOT simply work for you. Therefore, follow their money management tips religiously by dollar value & not just for the sake of a few tips!
  • If you do your own research & play a few free bets, you will be surprised to find out how powerful a football tipster can be when dealing with fixed odds betting. This is the advanced tip and can show a big profit 95% of the time.

Once you got the basics of football betting, you will discover that following top football tips are fundamental, as they will instantly increase your profits.

Top 5 Football Betting Mistakes

Some betting mistakes come from being inexperience and not getting services from top football tipsters, you can get a better idea of where the true talent lies in the divisions. Expert tipsters true quality is usually undisclosed.

Top 5 football betting mistakes

When considering prices, you should consider the proven records of the people supplying you with the tips. This is the most important part on betting mistakes. The prices are displayed at the site of the tipster, and usually higher prices means the more confident the pick is.

Football handicapping is a growing industry that attracts many enterprising individuals to test their knowledge and talent for making brilliant bets. However, in spite of all the available strategy guides and betting tools, people still make the most basic mistake most of the time.

This article will drive home the importance of betting traps that ones usually fall for it. There are better ways to win bets than just making bets and hoping your team will win. You can do some analysis by the team’s previous performance to know how is their recent form.

An intelligent gambler will be more confident and start to put money down the best situations to bet on their favorite team. This will ensure a greater return in the long run, but it will also limit the amount of bets you can place.

The way to get around making bets with no positive edge is to caution yourself and take one last look at the teams. It will be apparent that the team’s previous game had to do with the current game that you are going to bet on. Injuries, losses, wins, and a number of other factors will have an effect on the teams that you are betting on.

If you can confidently conclude that your team is going to win, and little or no risk, you should place the bet. If you are not, but you think they have a better than 50% chance of winning, by all means think twice.

Obvious betting mistakes are betting on every game and you will end up just betting blind. This is why getting top football tipsters advice is so important if you really want to be successful in betting.

There are a number of primary reasons why you should not bet on every game or day, and they are discussed below.

1. Inability To Concentrate – Try to keep your bad habits to a minimum, as you need to concentrate on what you are doing before your bet. Drinks and other substance will affect you on your picks and bets.

2. Inexperience – Do not bet if you are inexperienced in this field. Ask professionals for advice, and confirm the picks that you are betting on.

3. Want To Bet More – You will want to bet more if you are on a winning streak, but did you really want to risk a certain bet just trying to double your money?

4. Inability To Negate Losing Streak – Streaks will happen to all of us. It’s a part of the game. If you can not manage to handle your mentality, then you will lose a lot of money.

5. Disdain To Change – Track the record of your bets in every game. You are bound to lose a lot of money if you think about changing occasionally. Besides, try to operate a betting pattern that suits you.

With the above five football betting mistakes, you will easily be able to avoid most of them if you recognize them when you are being reckless.

Betting Strategy for Beginners

betting strategy

How does betting strategy work on your bets stack up to betting on the dark horses?

There are many tipping services available out there at any time, each with their own advantages, and each with their own set of rules.

When looking into the best football tipster service, look at this simple review of their past success:

  • How did they do prior to their creation of their service?
  • Was their success on a proven betting plan that you can use?

Once you get past the idea of using any football tipster service, a full-blown betting strategy for betting football is the single most significant factor in how well a tipster does it. It’s a big part of how to make money, and it’s the part of betting football that knowledgeable, successful tipsters will spend their time on.

Whenever possible, finish the job by doing research and studying on your bankroll. Learn how to handicap as well as assess and predict as much as possible. Learn to manage your money in a smart manner so that you will be able to develop a betting strategy of your own.

I personally recommend that you check on some live football betting games to watch how the odds move during a match, it plays a important part for any betting strategy

Something you can take a write-up analysis are the previous odds of the match and after to see how much the max number odds that you can expect to win. It’s not rocket science, but something you must be aware of and use.

When looking at a top tipster’s past history, check out how often the tipster has shown a profit over a specific football season. Does he consistently win by the odds? Remember, keep your expectations and goals in mind and have a degree of patience.

Discovering the right betting strategy fits your expectations, profitable for you, and increases your enjoyment of the best football tipping services.

When you start to find the type of betting strategy that meets these requirements, and having fun with them, that’s the winning streak that football tipsters and expert handicappers alike are seeking.