Netherlands and Argentina fights for the semi-final spot of the World Cup 2022. Asri Muhammad shares his thoughts and 100% winning pick for the Bet of the Day.


The Netherlands has been by far the most impressed team in the current World Cup, going undefeated throughout the year already proves they have the quality to win this event.

Netherlands is unbeaten under head coach Louis Van Gaal with a record of 8 wins and 3 draws. The heavy attack team will have to prepare a strategy to go against the favorites Argentina team.

Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia in the group stages was a shock to the world, as even the top teams can be beaten by the underdogs. Reviewing that match can easily spot that Argentina does have a weak defensive side but so as the Netherlands.

Both team that focus heavily on attack might play a different game today. The team that controls more on the mid possession will have the upper hand.

Today’s Bet of the Day will be an easy Total Goal pick :


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