Bet of the Day : Netherlands vs Argentina World Cup 2022

Netherlands and Argentina fights for the semi-final spot of the World Cup 2022. Asri Muhammad shares his thoughts and 100% winning pick for the Bet of the Day.


The Netherlands has been by far the most impressed team in the current World Cup, going undefeated throughout the year already proves they have the quality to win this event.

Netherlands is unbeaten under head coach Louis Van Gaal with a record of 8 wins and 3 draws. The heavy attack team will have to prepare a strategy to go against the favorites Argentina team.

Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia in the group stages was a shock to the world, as even the top teams can be beaten by the underdogs. Reviewing that match can easily spot that Argentina does have a weak defensive side but so as the Netherlands.

Both team that focus heavily on attack might play a different game today. The team that controls more on the mid possession will have the upper hand.

Today’s Bet of the Day will be an easy Total Goal pick :

Bet of the Day : Croatia vs Belgium World Cup 2022

The runners-up and third place finisher of the previous World Cup goes head-to-head on a crucial game as Belgium might face elimination. Kevin Ferguson previews the Bet of the Day.


The Croatians went unbeaten in the last 8 games, beating Canada 4-1 in the previous match, proves how strong their attacking side can be. The aging line-up consists of veteran players that must not be look passed on.

They faced each other last year, with Belgium beating 1-0 in a friendly game. Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalic has said that he wants the team to play “good & fast football” hinting a good morale would be a win for them today.

Belgium is having a bad form leading to the event, with a shocking defeat on the previous match against Morocco. They need to win today’s game to ensure their qualification. 

Kevin De Bruyne is still the key player for Belgium, the team will need him to play his best on the field to succeed. The comment he made might shed a bad light on the team, but it could also be motivating for them into this game. 

Today’s Bet of the Day will be an exciting match. Total Goals will be preferred as both team are equally strong.

Bet of the Day : Ecuador vs Senegal World Cup 2022

Ecuador and Senegal goes head-on to fight for the Round of 16 spot. Rakesh Parmar gives his insights of today’s Bet of the Day.


This match will be the most interesting game of the day, as both teams will be giving all out to advance to the next stage.

Ecuador looking strong throughout the year and proving their strength in this event, starting off beating Qatar 2 – 0 and coming back to a draw after conceding a goal to the Netherlands.

They will beat any weaker team with their defensive play style and look for an opening with key player Enner Valencia. Sitting with 4 points on the board, a draw will easily put them to the next stage.

On the other hand,  Senegal will have to give everything they got to secure a win in today’s match. The star player Sadio Mane has been ruled out of competing due to an injury has made a big impact on the team, Dia and Diedhiou will have to shine like the previous match against Qatar to bag the win today.

In a match that will decide a team to advance, we expect a very close match that will present opportunities for both sides

Today’s Bet of the Day will focus on Total Goals :

Bet of the Day : Germany vs Japan World Cup 2022

The four time World Cup Champion Germany takes on the Asian Giants Japan in their opening game, Rakesh Parmar give his insights on today’s Bet of the Day.


Germany has always been one of the strongest competitors in the event, but with poor results from the previous World Cup 2018 and Euro 2020, the team will need some time to prove themselves. They seem to be on the right track, having only just lost once after Hansi Flick taking over. 

Looking over the roster will easily spot the heavy firepower of their midfielders. Bayern Munich’s Kimmich and Goretzka, with the addition of Manchester City’s Gundogan will dominate any weaker team.

On the other hand, Japan has proven their strength on the previous World Cup, advancing through Round of 16 and only losing 2-3 to the 3rd place team of the event Belgium on a last minute of stoppage time goal.

This team roster consists of players from the five major leagues that is looking very solid on form. Key players Wataru Endo and Daichi Kamada who both plays in the German Bundesliga, knows what it takes to take down today’s game.

Today’s match will come down to whether can Germany dominate the midfield and break the defense line for an easy win or Japan taking possession slow and safe to cause an upset with an unexpected counterattack.

The Asian Handicap odds favors the best Bet of the Day

Check Rakesh Parmar picks and predictions here

Bet of the Day : Denmark vs Tunisia World Cup 2022

Denmark & Tunisia will begin their first match in the World Cup today. Larry Berk previews the game, picking out the best Bet of the Day.


Denmark are clearly one of the favorites to advance out of group D as everyone expected. They won a stunning 9 out of 10 games to be qualified on this event.At last year’s EURO 2020, Denmark was playing without star player Christian Eriksen, and went all the way to the semi-finals.

This proves how good as a team they are.The Danes are in a good form for today’s game and the only downside of the team might be a little lacking of star players.Having a strong opponent like Denmark is definitely challenging for Tunisia, who has never beat a European team.

On the bright side, Tunisia have players in the big leagues which bring a good experience to the team on playing with tough opponents. They heavily focus on their defensive side with proven results.

Only conceding 7 goals out of 20 games in the past, excluding the 5 goals from a friendly game against Brazil. The defensive focused play style of Denmark actually benefits Tunisia, and this might even cost an huge upset if Tunisia consider to pull something out of the blue. This will be an exciting game to watch, and also a great game for the punters.

With a -1 Asian Handicap from Denmark, this will be the best bet of the day

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